Specialist Infant Care

High quality infant care for babies aged from six months in a calm, nurturing environment

Magda Gerber

What infants need is the opportunity and time to take in and figure out the world around them

Respectful Care For You Baby

A safe and stimulating space to play where babies have freedom to move, explore and develop at their own pace

Janet Lansbury

Babies are self-learners, and what they truly need (and pays enormous developmental benefits) is the time, freedom and trust to just "be"

From the Founders of Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten

At Nurture Babies we offer a calm, predictable home environment where babies have plenty of time for uninterrupted play, and where caregiving routines such as nappy changing and feeding are slow and unhurried, ensuring the baby has the full attention of the adult caring for them.

High quality infant care for babies aged from six months in a calm, nurturing environment.

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We follow your baby's natural rhythm so that they can eat, sleep and play when they need to.

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Find out more about Nurture Babies' respectful approach to infant care.

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"Helen is simply the best person I could think of to look after any baby or pre-schooler. I trust her implicitly with my children and I have found that her methods and practice have had a majorly positive influence on my own parenting (and teaching) style. She is patient, calm, kind, inspirational, fun and safe. Children adore her and feel safe and secure around her. She communicates well with child and parents alike and always has the child’s best interests at the forefront. Her energy and her passion for her practice are boundless and there is no one else that I would trust more than Helen to look after my children."


"Helen, you used an approach which I have read about and tried to teach to myself, but have never actually seen anyone do. I'm excited that such a place exists."


"My son goes to Nurture and I cannot fault the approach in any way, so refreshing to see children be children rather than being monitored and assessed at every opportunity."


"It's an amazing place, with a really wonderful, supportive and dedicated team. I would highly recommend to anyone."


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