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Helen Reeve

Helen Reeve

MA Early Childhood, PG DIP Psychoanalytic Infant Observational Studies, Early Years Teacher Status, BSc Psychology

I’m Helen, an Early Years teacher with a degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Infant Observational Studies, and I am currently working towards my RIE® Practicum. I am also the co-owner of Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten and co-founder of the Nature Nurtures Early Years Approach, alongside my wife Hannah.

I have over 15 years’ experience working across the birth to five age range in a range of roles, including within nurseries and home environments as a professional Nanny. Over the past four years I have focused on establishing our Kindergarten and have led the development of our progressive approach. We focus primarily on respectful caregiving and on the importance of social and emotional wellbeing within the first few years. Our aim is to become thought leaders within early years and this year we held our first conference; Defending the Early Years: respect, collaboration and communication.

My own practice is influenced significantly both by RIE®’s Educaring Approach and Psychoanalytic perspectives. I strongly believe that children are competent, capable individuals from birth, and that this should be reflected in how we interact with them.

A Day At Nurture Babies

During each day at Nurture there is…

Time to explore

Time for independent play with a caregiver close by allows our babies to explore the world around them safely and confidently.

Slow, mindful caregiving

We take time to connect with each baby during care activities so that they feel seen, understood and valued, and have the opportunity to be actively involved.

Wholesome nutrition

Wholesome food, organic where possible, cooked from scratch by us.

A space to rest

Sleep is essential for healthy growth and for lowering cortisol levels which build up during periods of being awake. We offer a separate sleep space so babies can rest without being disturbed.

Connection with nature

Nature offers the most wonderful learning environment, stimulating all of the senses and eliciting curiosity and wonder.

Respect for feelings

Healthy emotional development involves being free to express and explore your feelings and knowing that it is safe to do so – however big and overwhelming they might be!

Learning by experience

Babies work things out by doing – whether it’s how to move, interact with others, get what they need, express themselves, or make use of objects.

The right amount of challenge

We step back as much as possible and allow babies to make discoveries for themselves - offering just the amount of help needed - so that the experience is all the more rich and joyful. Through manageable struggles emerges perseverance and determination – essential skills for life!

Sessions & Fees

Full Day

8.00am to 5.30pm - £61.75

Part Day

8.00am to 3.30pm - £48.75


8am to 12.45pm - £35.25

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